Marty Spears

Artist's Statement:

I began painting in transparent watercolors in the early 1980’s when I studied at the Herzfeld School of Art in Weisbaden, Germany. My technique has evolved over the years from simply painting directly from photographs and creating “photorealism” paintings, to inserting my own imagination and creativity into the process. When I work with transparent watercolors, I am reminded that the world around us is filled with various textures, colorful creatures and beautiful places. I begin a piece with a particular idea that may totally change once I see what the first wash of water and paint has created on the paper. My paintings are built upon layers of washes with darker details added at the end. I enjoy the bold use of color as I believe it brings more drama to the painting. Although my palette consists of several colors, I generally use only three to four in each of my paintings, blending them to create the colors I desire. When people see my work, I'd like them to feel the excitement and intensity of the color, yet the solitude and tranquility of the piece. I am continuing to evolve as an artist through self-study and attending workshops with nationally recognized watercolorists, such as Joe Fettingis and Terry Madden. I am a past member of the Central Florida Watercolor Society, a current member of the Edwardsville Arts Center, Urban Art Coop, member of the Gateway East Artist's Guild, member of the Missouri Watercolor Society, and a Terry Madden Certified Teacher.

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